Podcasts and Commuting

I drive about 2 hours, one way to work. Sometimes I sleep in my car after a shift because I’m too tired to drive home. It’s no big deal and I am definitely not asking for sympathy or pity. I actually enjoy my commute. Why is that? Podcasts.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and genuinely look forward to my alone time to and from work. As a father of two, that alone time is few and far between. In the Army, I got used to the solitude of long patrols and sentry duty. As a father, it’s more diaper duty and constant interaction. No worries, I love being a father and husband, but my commute is my alone time.

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The New Jersey Turnpike: Not for the faint of heart; Where the weak are killed and eaten.

I can sit back, put on cruise control and listen to just about anything. Podcasts, audiobooks, language learning… Or just complete silence. Thankfully though, I’m not subjected to pop radio and hearing Nickelback blasted on the airwaves. Technology transformed a lousy situation (2 hour commute to work, stuck listening to whatever is on the radio) and made it into a positive.

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