Quick Hits: No Edge Here

Some of my friends asked me why I keep this site “clean”. There isn’t a lot of cursing and I don’t try to keep up with the kardashians or pick arguments with e-celebs. To me, there is no point. I try to have the controversy and interest come from what I write in my articles, not from bickering.

People who are even slightly interested in history and the other subjects I cover here can see that some of the positions I take are fairly controversial, or at least uncomfortable, to established thought. In Military Unit Organization and the Civil War: Why the North Won? I argue that the Union organized more effectively along manpower lines and employed their forces in a “better” way. A lot of people believe the South had better Generals, strategies and tactics, but this article turns that on its head a bit. In Is The Internet “Real Life”? I look at the utilitarian aspects of the internet, but don’t buy into all the hype that online is becoming “real life”. I try to have my content be engaging and edgy, not my personal arguments with other people.

Image result for internet tough guy

Don’t mess with Tony Tough Nuts.

Anyway, I’ll have a new article up tomorrow about different angles people take when writing and why it can be important, historically and in the modern context (especially now, it seems). What does everyone think about the “Quick Hits”? They get a lot of views for me, but they are the easiest to write… I’ll keep working away, mostly because I enjoy it, and life is a bit better living behind a keyboard than living behind one of these:

Image result for machine gun sights

Living behind a gun wasn’t so bad; cleaning it after shooting thousands of rounds was brutal though.




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