Viewpoints and Angles: Making or Breaking an Article

When I read an interesting piece that I really enjoy, it often advances some sort of argument. The blandest, most boring articles I read are just flowery non-sense that spit out facts anyone can find on Wikipedia. I prefer to read articles grounded on facts and solid research, but that mainly have an idea or viewpoint about a particular topic.

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I agree with this quote by Caesar. It’s a good reminder that just because “we” are the center of our world, “we” aren’t the center to everyone else’s world or way of thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great websites that stick to facts and attempt 100% objectivity. That’s not me though. I want to know why Julius Caesar was unique and what it felt like to cross the Rubicon, even if it means running the risk of fudging a few things. Maybe the sky was grey the day Caesar crossed, and not a crisp blue. Or maybe it was a lousy time to cross the Rubicon and everyone just wanted to get the damned thing over with already. Realistically, we will never the truth.

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