Quick Hits: .308 on 3/8

This week has been a bit of a busy one for me, but I am still sticking to the publication schedule! The feedback and discussions I have had from family, friends and followers on these articles is highly encouraging and I really appreciate everything.

Image result for internet troll

I thought I would have a lot more negative feedback and bad experiences; surprisingly I have not had to deal with too many trolls so far.

Some of the articles published this week will look at theory (Campaigning to Victory: The End of An Era? A bit on the “theory” of campaigns) and others will look at the history behind certain theories. I like to delve into both, and in the future I will release a much lengthier piece on campaign theory and successful campaigns in history.

The posts I’ve written so far all seem to have the same amount of views across the board, so I’ll just keep on truckin’ with what I’ve been doing until someone (or the audience) tells me differently!

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