Quick Hits: Sometimes arguing isn’t necassary

Last week I published an article about using arguments and different perspectives to write new and informative pieces on old subjects. I generally adhere to this idea and believe that having an argument or thesis is a good way to write an article, especially when it is a history related article. Modern politics and the garbage news (Mainstream Media, yes that means FOX and CNN among others) like to spin, but I like to develop an idea and put it out there for readers to tear apart. And, if it’s about 11th Century manuscripts, it probably can’t be too controversial or harmful a topic…

But this week I am dialing things back a bit. Instead of putting out arguments or looking at subjects from a thesis inspired view, I am giving a bit of”narrative”: looking at the facts and attempting to stay completely objective. People like to argue and see new ideas, but sometimes it is just enjoyable to dig in to a subject and learn a bit more before you take a controversial side or make an argument.

People are usually more informed and willing to do research than one would give them credit for, and if you write an interesting piece they will want to learn more and will at least check out the wikipedia article.


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