The Importance Of Books In The Digital Age of Partisan Politics

Anybody can become a youtube or instagram star these days. Countless folks write a status on facebook or shoot out a tweet to the void, think nothing of it and go to bed… only to wake up hours later and realize their post has gone viral. This is good and bad; the common people have opportunities to voice important issues, but it also creates a very low barrier of entry.

My biggest way to discern someone worth my time both on and offline? I look to see if they have ever written a book or intend to write a book (I intend to write a book, one day). Anyone can create a 15 second soundbite, say something controversial and become decently popular in a certain group. That’s one of the reasons the Alt-Right was able to rise so quickly and successfully; people gained attention by saying outlandish and controversial things and then spreading a message through already built online communities (youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.)

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Go home internet, you’re drunk…

A couple of viral posts and you might have a few thousand followers, and a few months later, you’re at 10,000… From there, it’s pretty easy to reach the six figure mark and keep growing. It’s probably especially easy if you are still a college student, living at home, or not busy with raising a family and working a full time job. People with little restrictions on their life can focus on creating content online and then engaging with the community it resonates with. Me, I just like history, reading and a few other topics I cover here and want to have some chats with folks who have similar interests.

What does this have to do with books though?

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