Quick Hits: Allegory and Writing

Allegory is as popular as ever. Unfortunately, I think it is overused. In the latest article I talk about two authors who successfully wrote allegorical works, and why I think it resonated so well. Nowadays, most allegory is low hanging fruit. It’s all “Drumpf is just like Voldermort!!” or “Muslim refugees are just like the Orcs storming Middle Earth!”. People could get a bit creative and develop a timeless message. It would be more effective, both for the present situation, and for posterity’s sake.

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1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm and plenty of other works are still read and widely used today to discuss political situations.

I also talk a bit (very briefly, and marginally) about my time in the Army. It fit into the article, but I don’t really think there is too much of a demand for me to go in-depth about my deployments and combat experiences. Maybe one day, but I’m not vain enough…I guess I would have to write it as an allegory.

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