Quick Hits: Living on the edge

In today’s article, I talk about Communism. While my site does not cover modern politics (it’s too much of an echo chamber for me), I do write and research different political methodologies and ideas that have developed throughout history. Today, I looked at communism and how marxist revolutionaries have a unique brand of hypocrisy about them.

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Discussing Russia in modern times can be a controversial subject in and of itself!

I have been focusing a lot on the “Steel” side of things lately, so I might swing a little back toward the “Stylus”. Writer’s block is never an issue with me; that’s why I keep my scope fairly broad. But it can mean that I should delve more deeply into some of the things I write about. In earlier articles I discussed military organization, and then came back to a specific historical example, and I also discussed various terrorist organizations in different articles also. If someone wants to see me cover things more extensively, just shoot me an email or leave a comment!

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  1. TJD

    If the communist revolution comes to America I will fight it but if they win I want to be appointed General Secretary!! !!!!

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